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Our Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Pune with more than 30 Modules will give you complete overview on what job skills, mindset, digital marketing tactics, and project management skills are required to kick-start a career or implement the learning in your own business.



SEO – Search Engine Optimization

It is a process where we work to rank our website in SERP for increasing traffic n website organically.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

It is the process of increasing business growth by paid promotion of business.

Social Media Marketing/Optimization

It is the process of promoting your business on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Email Marketing

Connect with your customer and create new create through email is the process of email marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing of your business with the help of influencer is come in influencer marketing.

Product Marketing

Market your product by following many steps of Digital Marketing is part of product marketing.

Content Marketing

Content is King in Digital Marketing. Make a unique content and promote it.

Data and Website Analytics

Through website analytics you can check details related to visitors of the website.

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

with this process we check our competitor and the work of competitor.


digital marketing courses in pune

Keep yourself or your teams up to date with the current digital marketing trends.

Digital Berry works with you to assess proficiency and domain knowledge gaps. On-demand and customized training will help you to manage a successful digital marketing strategies.


Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on competitors is something of paramount importance. If you being a marketer is overseeing this, then you are missing out a lot you can leverage from the web. We expose our students to many tools that helps them in understanding the Digital Media Landscape.

Learn how to leverage free to use tools from Google, Alexa, and gain unique insights on competitor websites and audience profile data. Also, learn how to use the paid versions of these tools to gather more robust data on consumer behavior. Which audience segments are competitors reaching that you are not?

  • What keywords are being used by your competitors?

  • What are the sources that are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites?


We can help you leverage a wide range of competitive intelligence across several social platforms, including the following:

  • Facebook Competitive Analysis

  • Facebook Content Analysis

  • YouTube Competitive Analysis

  • YouTube Channel Analysis

  • Twitter Profile Analysis


The mobile web is penetrated even the remotest of places, though it hasn’t yet reached critical mass. Mobile analytics is no longer only a nice-to-have feature; it’s a core digital marketing requirement. It is used to draft the most effective mobile experience through a mobile-optimized site or mobile application.

Learn how to use Mobile analytics provides answers to common questions such as:

Where is my mobile traffic coming from?
How are the people reading my content?
What is the age group and job title of people visiting the website?
Which mobile platforms work best with my site? Etc.


seo classes in pune

Explore how to find the right keywords to get a website/webpage ranked better on search engines. The module will help you analyze your website pages and implement on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Learn what keywords your competitors are using and how to create custom landing pages for Google ads by analyzing websites to build competitive advantage.

Learn local SEO and Mobile SEO to target users specifically at the best digital marketing institute in Pune.

Identify the keywords and strategies implemented by your competitors.



ppc classes in pune

This module will help you set up a Google Ads Account to run ads on Google search engine and its associated properties. Gain hands-on knowledge on how to create ad-groups, how to draft catchy ad text and phrases and identify keywords to run and optimize your ad campaign performance.

The world is going mobile, we will teach how to create and run responsive ads on Google Display Network so that your ads can be accessed from any device. Alongside, learn how to associate your marketing objectives to Ads.



social media classes in pune

Learn how to operate a profitable Facebook or LinkedIn profile that converts the connections into potential customers. Build your network of existing and potential audience while making yourself reliable in the eyes of audience. Whilst establishing thought leadership on social media.

Create and run spot on ad campaigns to reach out to the targeted audience who are/will be interested in your content. We’ll teach you how influencers build their fan base on Twitter to create buzz about latest news and updates. These assignments will run live Google Ads Campaigns where we will show hot the budgeting works in real-time basis.



Email Marketing courses in pune

Gain hands-on experience in managing the legal aspects involved in sending Emails in various countries and how to abide by GDPR guidelines for the EU region. We’ll teach you how not to let your emails land in Spam Folders by staying equipped with key techniques and tools.



Google analytics

Assignment Promises Understand how data can be presented in a storytelling format and share your observations Set up Google Analytics account to create a measurement model for business/blog.

  • Check and review business’s real time, audience, acquisition and behavior report

  • Get yourself registered on Google Merchandise Store and understand the dashboard

  • Draw your campaign lifecycle and design a campaign outreach plan based on analytics data



blog creation classes in pune

We’ll show you how to buy domain name or take free sub-domain name from the Host Blog. Next, you will learn how to Import blog posts based on their blog topic from other websites and how to update theme and Logo. You can also demand a session where we will give an overview on how to publish your blogs or articles on platforms like Medium and Quora.

You will learn how to create an email for their domain. Install all necessary plugin including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Discus, Author Tag etc. For this, we help them through our Build Your Blog course. We also have a self-paced course with pre-recorded lessons on ways to Promote Your Blog.



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Our Student's Reviews

usha goel
usha goel
I would just like to say thank you to digitalberry. I enjoyed doing this course. It gave me the confidence and skills that I needed to get into the industry. I am happy with my tutor richa mam who is very efficient and shared her knowledge and experience with me. This course was better than expected and I would definitely recommend it to others.
Manali Wagh
Manali Wagh
I have completed uiux course in jan 2022 from another institute. But my portfolio wasnot impressive so i was facing problem for job. I got information about DIGITALBERRY trainning institute from my friend, she was doing classes here, then i contact with digitalberry and inquired if there would be any training for portfolio creation only. Then after one hour QA session mam gave me appropriate guidance and i took 1 month training for portfolio creation. I got a lot of knowledge during my 1 month training which i didn't get in 6 month course of my previous institute and today my portfolio is better than my expectation and today i am ready for any kind of uiux job. I give all credits to my trainner sayali mam and the entire team of digitalberry.. Thank you all of you..
Piyush Kachave
Piyush Kachave
Thank you for all the assistance and feedback, it has been delightful and very gratifying. I wasn’t able to leave my full time job to study so weekend batch suited me best. This course was undoubtedly one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and my life. The tutors are knowledgeable, approachable and genuinely interested in each student's education.
Archana Shinde
Archana Shinde
Digital berry ensures holistic development of every student. Starting from theory sessions to facing interviews, the faculty team are great. The homework and the checking mechanism have helped shape my portfolio. I am very satisfied and awaiting more learnings." Thank you for being BEST UIUX CLASSES IN PUNE
Devshree Mehta
Devshree Mehta
Experience with digitalberry for UIUX cource was just great. I joined online classes It really saved my time and effort.It makes my life allot easier. most of the classes have online sessions recorded but digitalberry has online sessions live so i was able to intract live with tutor so all my quries are solved immediately. so even online classes seemed like offline to me. thank's to digitalberry team and especielly my trainner to support and guidence.
Akshata Ramod
Akshata Ramod
काय COURCE काय PLACEMENT काय INSTITUTE एकदम OK मधी..!😅
Shantanu Deore
Shantanu Deore
From Digitalberry Institute, I did the 4 months certification course in uiux. This course was better than expected and I would definitely recommend it to others. Syllabus is well designed and Sayali mam taught step by step how to create a concept. Also she helps me to turn it from an idea in my head to an reality. I got all the support related to course and placement. thanks to digitalberry to give me valuable guidence,knowledge and training.
Akshay Thakare
Akshay Thakare
Really good institute to get your career started with UI/UX design even if you have zero knowledge about the course. Sayali mam provides excellent guidance. affordable fess is also a reason which made it possible for me to study. I am happy to be a part of this institute. I would like to say Thank you to digitalberry...